What is ContinuumLiving?

A simple guiding principle to help you eat and live healthier and enjoy the journey: To whatever degree possible, and as often as possible, upgrade along the continuum of health and wellness. In this way, progress along the continuum becomes a process to be lived, with endless opportunities for growth and positive change.


Why this principle?

Because we all have different needs and goals. We don’t have to eat and live perfectly, and it’s not an all or nothing proposition. By learning to apply the sensibilities of quality, quantity and frequency to our food and lifestyle choices, we can create a supportive pattern that becomes an easy-to-follow path for life.

Meatless Mondays Classes

Meatless Mondays dinner/classes are a fun and social way to explore food and expose yourself to vegetarian options.

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Latest Articles

As the Healthy Living writer for GoodFoodWorld.com, my articles span the continuum of the food conversation, from GMOs to mindful eating. They appear here monthly.

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About Ina

My name is Ina Denburg and I’m the creator of Continuum Living. I’m also a REAL foods cook, health/food writer and all around food coach. Continuum Living provides you with what you need in order to begin living healthier today and stay inspired and on the path tomorrow.

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