Anger from the heart, action from love

Much has occurred since I sent out my last newsletter. I sure hope that you have made it through super-storm Sandy and the winds of change, literally. We were LUCKY in my Verona neighborhood.

The widespread destruction throughout the Northeast has left with me with a realization and one hopeful thought, that is, that it often takes being slammed to really “get” that our planet is changing, and that all of our lifestyles (and energy dependencies) have an effect on that rate of change. From this horror I only hope that the ensuing actions around rebuilding will incorporate reality, forward thinking, and a national recognition that we best get our butts in gear and stop all the futile arguing.

I feel that the two most imperative and broad-reaching national concerns are the environment (global warming/embracing wiser energy sources & utilization), and our unhealthy food system, which directly escalates our growing heath care needs and unhealthy nation. For the past two years my passion has been educating through writing about GMO technology – that invisible, unconscionable growing matrix of our food system. I have spent countless hours on both sides of the coin – enraged, in tears and feeling ineffective on the one hand. (I am disappointed that the CA ballot initiative Prop. 37 – requiring labeling of GMOs on foods – did not pass. While 4 million citizens voted in favor of it, this time Monsanto and other BIG FOOD companies won out, after putting 47 MILLION dollars into a negative smear campaign to promote their lies and dissuade the majority.) 


However, on the other side of the reality coin I am emboldened, inspired and compelled to continue onward in this fight. I’ve decided the best way for me to be effective is to keep offering up help and information, more and more. So recently following October’s last Meatless Monday dinner/class, I provided a viewing of the documentary film called Genetic Roulette. It was so provocative in garnering discussion that I am offering it again this Sunday evening, with a pot luck dinner following so we have more time to digest the movie together.

It is with this continued intention that I plan to go forward with:
GENETIC ROULETTE MOVIE SCREENINGS & DISCUSSION GROUPS: Genetic Roulette provides a well documented and comprehensive presentation of the latest evidence of the harmful effects of GMO technology. It also exposes the deceit of the biotech industry, our broken food system, and raises alarming questions about the health and safety of GMOs. If we eat, care about the health and saftey of children, our planet, and the animals/animal products we consume, let alone ourselves & family, this is a timely imperative! PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU’D LIKE TO GET A GROUP TOGETHER TO WATCH & DISCUSS THIS, OR COME TO MY HOUSE TO VIEW IT.  You can also purchase this film at
GMO-free Kitchen Cleanup: Are you overwhelmed by the prospect of cleaning out your cupboards, prioritizing which GMO foods to get rid of first, and WHAT to replace them with? I’m here to help at a reasonable rate, with a sliding scale. Healthier choices don’t have to be daunting! Please email me: Ina@ContinuumLiving.US
My heartfelt wishes to you for a warm Thanksgiving, filled with the gratitude of what is most dear to your heart. Heads up that my next  GoodFoodWorld article will be coming in a few days, discussing further action in GMO awareness.
Until next time & with love,