Hope for the Earth: 3 Words


Regenerative Global Agriculture

It’s that time of year again – the bells are ringing, and HOPE is supposed to fill the minds and hearts of holiday shoppers everywhere.

But let’s be real – these are bizarre and bipolar times: Saturday’s front page of the NYTs published a historic editorial on The Gun Epidemic in America (a plea for sanity not made as a front page editorial since 1920), global terroism is a Thanksgiving conversation, and 195 countries have assembled at the Climate Summit in Paris to discuss how we can continue to live on our planet and not destroy the environment we are dependent upon; all this while leaders such as our very own NJ Govenor Christie denies (based on a “feeling” he’s got) that climate change is any impending catastrophe whatsoever.

Too often lately, I find myself slipping into dystopic daydreams (unaided by my Google VR glasses) and brave new world scenarios like: when the robots are gunna wake up and decide they don’t want to be slaves to our existence. And it’s all coming down the pike at breakneck speed. 

Add to my strange visions the real news that recent experiments by computer scientists at the University of Washington and Microsoft have shown that computer data may now be stored in DNA molecules, the likes of which would enable us to store all of the world’s digital information in nine liters of solution – basically a case of wine, for a millennium or longer. Hugh?

Now especially in this ramped up time I am compelled to share something that is action-oriented and imparts hope based upon knowledge, morality and science. I’ve learned about three powerful words whose imperative is healing, loving, and good for our Earth: Regenerative Global Agriculture.

Activist and author Vandana Shiva says, “Regenerative agriculture provides answers to the soil crisis, the food crisis, the health crisis, the climate crisis and the crisis of democracy.” We can each do our part to help the climate crisis, from the ground up, by making better food choices that unplug us from the mainstream agricultural food system. Apply my Continuum philosophy which says, “Do this as best you can, as often as possible”.

There is power in this choice and its as close at hand as our forks and knives are to our mouths.

If you are also troubled by our complex times and sometimes feel hope is lost, I beseech you to open the link I have shared below. It is to a page on Organic Consumers Association’s website that discusses the various facets of regenerative agriculture. There you will see a 17 minute video. It’s worth watching if you are unfamiliar with what organic regenerative farming is, and how your daily decisions affect our planet.

To a healthier blue-green Earth,

Thank you for reading this.

With love and hope,