way to start

Issue 1
August 2011

Welcome to the first issue of Continuum Living.

This is a newsletter about the everyday challenges we face in forging a healthier life –through the ebb and flow of our lifetime.   This is also a newsletter about possibility, and the vitality that results as you apply the Continuum philosophy and strategic tools to your life.

Ten years ago I introduced The Continuum Principle inThe Diamond Diet. It’s as simple and relevant now as it was then:

Upgrade along the Continuum
To whatever degree possible, and as often as possible, make wiser choices along the continuum of health and wellness. In this way, progress along the continuum becomes a process to be lived, with endless opportunities for growth and positive change.


Everything that relates to your life exists on a continuum from unhealthy to healthy: exercise, work, sleep, food (what you eat, where it comes from, the way you eat it), how you spend your leisure time, interact with others, and even your outlook on life.

There are three broad ways in which we can upgrade along the continuum: with quality, quantity, and frequency. These are particularly effective applied to all aspects of food, exercise and the essential ingredient of sleep. (I will address these in future newsletters).

Wellness on the continuum also includes other facets, such as our resiliency to stress, our work satisfaction, how effectively we communicate with others and whether we feel our work life and personal life are in reasonable balance for us. Here is where clear perspective, positive attitude, and strategic tools are helpful. (I will also speak to these in subsequent issues).

Across the board, what’s fundamental to begin with is the recognition that all healthful change, no matter how small, is worthy of applause and should not be underestimated or thought of as insignificant. This is really important, and goes under the radar all too often. I believe it is also the single most sabotaging action we can do to undermine ourselves – think that something good that we do just isn’t good enough, so we dismiss it as not worthwhile at all. A prime example you ask? How about consistent exercise? “If I cannot work out for 50 minutes to an hour, why bother doing anything. A 15-20 minute walk isn’t enough”. WRONG!

Our daily choices can fortify or drain us. They reflect and affect our attitude – which in turn affects our health, our resiliency to stress, illness, and enjoyment of life. Here frequency is strategic to employ. It is better for your body to simply walk 15-20 minutes daily than to “work out” only one hour a week. The constancy of action is beneficial on several levels, not least of which is mental and emotional. When you take a step forward in the right direction, it becomes a catalyst for further positive action. You feel good about yourself, your choice, and recognize that it is actually doable, even enjoyable! One good act begets another, and a new pattern begins to emerge.

ContinuumLiving is about both- applying this positive philosophy and the process of crafting a lifestyle for wellness.   With this first newsletter, I invite you to join a growing community of people who care about making healthier and more loving choices for themselves, their family, and the planet.

You can begin right now by trying this simple exercise. I call it the 3-2-1 Lifestyle upgrade.