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Everything relating to our lifestyle and food exists on a continuum from unhealthy to healthy: exercise, work, sleep, food (what we eat, where it comes from, the way we eat it), how we spend our leisure time, interact with others, even our outlook on life.

In 2001 I co-authored The Diamond Diet with my husband. In it, the sensibility to “Upgrade Along the Continuum” was provided as the guiding principle. CONTINUUM LIVING holds the ethos that evolved from The Diamond Diet.


Fast forward to NOW

Our relationship with food in America has only become more polarized, with each polar end leading us away from creating a healthy relationship with our food. On one end, our fast-paced culture trains us to mindlessly consume processed, convenient junk food – all the time/everywhere. We are conditioned to view food as mindless consumption rather than appropriate fulfillment.

On the other end of the spectrum, experts bring us food science, “super foods”, and the promise of better heath through “nutritionism” – the science of qualifying foods based upon their reductionist component values such as fiber, vitamins, minerals, protein and fats. But when nutritionism is taken as the savior of our dietary problems, it becomes another obstacle keeping us from the real solution – developing a healthy relationship to that which connects us to real food, its time and place with the land.


Greater complexity

Alongside this polarization, food has become ever more complex, wrought with political and environmental issues often pitted against each other causing confusion as to what is best to purchase: organic, seasonal, local, GMO free, whole, unprocessed, sustainable, humanely raised, fair trade, let alone affordable!

Continuum Living welcomes everyone, regardless of lifestyle, culture, economics, exposure, and dietary preferences. There is no one right diet-style for everyone (vegetarian vs. vegan, vs. omnivore/flexitarian, etc.), and we have varying entry points. Progression along the continuum occurs over time with awareness and patience. The good news is that wellness is contagious (in the best way) and one good change begets another.



• Eat REAL food/don’t over-eat

• Ensure sufficient sleep

• Daily exercise

• Love: thy self (respect your body as your temple) & enjoy connection with family/friends/community.

Welcome to a growing community of people who care about making healthier and more loving choices for themselves, their family, and the planet.


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