Small farmers vs. Big Ag; corporate bullying by the 1% Monsanto Monopoly who owns our country’s seeds; revolving door FDA appointments; politics of government farm subsidies and subsidized school lunches; food injustice; worker safety rights; increase in food allergy, cancer, and illness; animal health and welfare practices; and the environmental impact of disposing of tons of manure produced by animals in non-organic feedlots. Then throw in the blatant obfuscation through FDA refusal to require labeling GMO ingredients present in the 70% of ALL PROCESSED PACKAGED FOODS ON SUPERMARKET SHELVES, and the FDA’s condoning industry testing of their own products – for example, by Monsanto – rather than REQUIRING neutral party testing. Appallingly, we have the lowest world standards of any Western Country regarding GMO testing, safety, and labeling requirements on behalf of the public interest, their citizens.

So here’s conscise information I compiled from all the major GMO info websites. It will give you what you’ll need to become informed about GMOs: their effects on your health and the environment, as well as what to look for when purchasing your food: KNOW GMOs 101


For further GMO resources please visit these EXCELLENT websites:



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