About Ina

For over 30 years, I’ve lived and worked on the path of health and wellness, and it’s a dance that’s still evolving. Professionally, I’m like a “Swiss army knife” within the wellness industry, having worked as a Yoga Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist, Stress Reduction Instructor, Co-author of a health/diet book, and as a certified Life Coach. I’m also a wife and mother of two grown daughters, so I’m familiar with the challenges of creating a family lifestyle for wellness, how to find personal time for self-care, and how to navigate the floodtide of our consumerist junk culture.


I am fascinated with health and wellness from the proactive side of the equation.

Consequently, I have grappled with the questions of what is it that “switches on” or exists in a person that gives them the desire to live healthfully in the first place, and then what must remain present to fuel that desire. While I realize this is a complex issue with no pat answer, I have come to believe there are certain essential components that catalyze this result.


Two paths

I categorize one as the external way, and the other as the internal – neither of which is provided by our mainstream culture and society. The external way is received through information, it’s intellectual. The internal way is gained through our direct experiences and our bodies. (Read Flip the switch ON! for my full explanation.) These paths intersect and inform each other, and one kind of awareness begets another. They are process oriented and grow over time.

My own path to healthy eating and living is illustrative: I fell in love with organic gardening in my early 20’s, began Yoga when I was 24, was exposed to other students who ate vegetarian foods, took a vegetarian cooking class, started reading lots of food and alternative cooking books, continued organic gardening and practicing Yoga, and developed a relationship to food through growing and cooking it… and within months the new pattern was taking root. (BTW, I’m not a vegetarian, although my diet is heavily plant-based.)

Looking back on my journey now, I have come to appreciate that what I benefited from was a deeply effective kind of cross training between these two paths. It is the wisdom garnered from my years of ContinuumLiving that I offer, with the intention of helping to make your journey both pleasurable and sustainable.


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