Meatless Mondays

Meatless Mondays dinner/classes   year 6



Finally, America’s food conversation has shifted to recognizing the importance of including vegetarian meals and increasing vegetables into our diet-styles, for a host of healthful reasons. It’s good for us, our children, and our planet. However, the alternative of knowing what to eat is not intuitive for many people. 

Meatless Mondays dinner/classes are a fun and social way to explore food and expose yourself to vegetarian options. You’ll eat a range of seasonal tasty dishes that are vegetarian, often vegan, wheat free, and GMO-free. Eat dinner, try new foods, learn how to make them and go home with recipes in hand. New participants will receive a Meatless Mondays info packet. All meals are made with local produce & organic vegetables as much as possible. 

In year 6 my goal remains much the same with these dinner /classes: to share my love of cooking & the eating of healthy food; to demo whenever possible, inspire you, make it easier, or challenge you; to open my doors to you who arrive – smiling – week after week, excited to try something new, eager to talk about food & life, to laugh & learn – together.


MEATLESS MONDAYS dinner/classes  year 6

The promise of SPRING!

This Spring’s menus are a blend of new inspirations and simple celebrations of the season’s produce in all its glory. I’ve discovered another lovely cookbook: Vegetarian For A New Generation by Liana Krissoff. It’s sensibility is completely in sync with my relationship with food and seasonal eating, and her recipes are delicious. I look forward to sharing what goodies I’ve culled & adapted for this season with you.

When: 3/27, 4/3, 5/8, 5/15

Time: 7 -9 pm

Where: 63 Park Ave, Verona

Cost: $40 per class

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email – Ina@ContinuumLiving.US 


  WEEK 1, 3/27

 *Anniversary dinner – kind of*

In March of 2012, the first Meatless Monday dinner I offered was black beans, a 30 minute meal I’d often make – and a discussion of all it’s variations. It’s high time for a new version of black beans. This basic soup makes a wonderful meal with all the special additions.

  •  Simple Black Bean Soup with Salsa de Semillias *Vegan (Crunchy, nutty & smokey, NOT very spicy, this dry salsa of seeds is made from ground chilies, sesame seeds, pepitas & cashews. Store in the freezer & sprinkle on grains, eggs & veggies!)
  •  Avocado cream *Vegan
  •  Broiled polenta rounds with roasted peppers & crispy cheddar 

 WEEK 2, 4/3

*NEW* Cool night – Spring delight

  •  Appetizer: radishes with blue cheese walnut butter! (beautiful & delicious)
  •  Spring onion tart with potato crust 
  •  Roasted carrot salad with spicy lemon dressing *vegan

 WEEK 3, 5/8


  •  Asparagus with shiitake cream (w/shallots & fresh marjoram)
  • Porcini risotto  *vegan
  • Roasted spring beets w/ lemon vinaigrette & blue cheese crumble 

 WEEK 4, 5/15 


  • Creamy cashew.asparagus soup w/pea shoots! * vegan (wow – homemade cashew cream makes this sweet, smooth & thick)
  •  1 BOWL MEAL: Spring veggies w/ lentils & quinoa *vegan
  • Spring greens
  • DESSERT: SPRING Crisp! – Apricot.peach? We’ll see what’s available for this crispy treat. 🙂
    Past Menus


What People Say about Meatless Mondays

“Ina’s passion and knowledge are contagious.” 

“Meatless Monday classes are one of the nicest learning situations I’ve ever been in.” 

“Ina creates a cozy learning environment where sharing delicious meals is nurturing for the soul as well as the stomach. My friends are pleased I took Ina’s class. I have cooked ALL the Fall Session recipes, and I’m looking forward to the Winter Session.  So are my friends. 

“I took Ina’s Meatless Monday class this spring with two of my [adult] daughters. What a treat! It wasn’t simply a cooking class …it inspired us to want bring healthier foods into our diets. [Now] my son…has asked me for recipes to take back with him to college. And my youngest daughter, who would never eat beans before, has a new favorite food!”  

“Thinking more about eating more of the healthy food is making me eat less junk!” 

“I loved the combination of learning, eating and conviviality.” 

“Every single plate that Ina put before us was delicious and the company was even better than I anticipated.  While I never actually cooked one of the recipes, the experience and the recipes inspire  my creative repertoire. Even casual comments like “put an egg over leftover rice for breakfast” have brought a new satisfying start to the day.” 

“I feel more spontaneous. I think I’m approaching cooking in a more casual way, but also in a more thoughtful & informed way…the food was delicious!” 


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