Meatless Mondays

Meatless Mondays dinner/classes  



Diet for a warming planet!

 “Diets inextricably link human health with environmental sustainability.”

the EAT-Lancet Commission on healthy diets


This past winter I ran a special Meatless Monday series called Brainstorming Action, which focused on our impending climate crises and ways to mitigate it. Using the NYT’s bestseller book Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed To Reverse Global Warming as our guide, we concentrated on the top 10 planet-wide solutions. Guest speakers joined us, and it was both engaging and educational.

This summer I’ll be offering another series called: Diet for a Warming Planet. This past January, The Lancet published a report – Food in the Anthropocene: the EAT-Lancet Commission on healthy diets from sustainable food systems.  The report generated immediate push-back, fear and misrepresentation from the beef industry and naysayers. “They want to take away your hamburger” was their rallying cry.

I’ve read the Lancet report and the first of its 10 key messages states that global food production is the “… largest pressure caused by humans on Earth, threatening local ecosystems and the stability of the Earth system.”  

On the hopeful side, the commission concluded …”that global food systems can provide win-win diets to everyone by 2050 and beyond. However, achieving this goal will require rapid adoption of numerous changes and unprecedented global collaboration and commitment: nothing less than a Great Food Transformation.”

The Great Food Transformation is a clarion call for both, top down systemic change and increased bottom up education. They both must happen and more than ever, I see it as a moral imperative. How we grow what we eat in the quantity we do, and then what we we throw away as garbage, matters gravely now, to future generations. 

There is more for us to learn, and much more brainstorming action to do. We are all in this one lifeboat together! 


You’ll eat

•  4 Meatless Monday dinners:  Simple, healthy & delicious summer meals that reflect the guidelines in the Lancet report, including examples of animal protein guidelines! Learn how to make what you’re having, enjoy good company & conversation. Get the recipe.


You’ll learn

• What the Lancet diet IS, & why it’ll take the Great Food Transformation to actualize it planet-wide.


 What the difference is from our Meatless Monday dinner plate and the “Lancet-diet” plate.


• How our food choices today truly effect our grandchildren tomorrow.


• The moral imperative of my Consumer Strategy #1: Unplug from the mainstream food system as much and as often as possible!


• What the truth is about eating large land animals.


• What regenerative/ biodynamic farming constitutes, and why it is a natural and healthy solution for the necessary sink of CO2 back into the Earth, where it belongs.


• What food innovations & technologies exist, or are on the horizon, to help mitigate climate change?  And, are they even good for us?



Reserve your spot now by responding to this email. New participants welcome!

WHEN: Mondays – 7/8, 7/15, 7/22, 7/29

TIME: 7 – 9 pm

WHERE: My kitchen @ 63 Park Ave, Verona

COST: $40 per class   

MATERIALS COST: $10 for all handouts and recipes packet   


NEW PARTICIPANTS: Receive a Meatless Mondays



Historically, when food was the primary focus of Meatless Monday dinner/classes, I offered specific menus for each week. Given the scope of information I’ve been digesting, and my limited time to do it in, I haven’t figured out precise meals yet. After 6 1/2 years of offering Meatless Monday dinners, and 4 years of running the Soup Lady I can say, with confidence, you won’t be hungry, or disappointed.

A simple menu will be forthcoming so please don’t wait for that to reserve your seat!   


 Past Menus

What People Say about Meatless Mondays

“Ina’s passion and knowledge are contagious.” 

“Meatless Monday classes are one of the nicest learning situations I’ve ever been in.” 

“Ina creates a cozy learning environment where sharing delicious meals is nurturing for the soul as well as the stomach. My friends are pleased I took Ina’s class. I have cooked ALL the Fall Session recipes, and I’m looking forward to the Winter Session.  So are my friends. 

“I took Ina’s Meatless Monday class this spring with two of my [adult] daughters. What a treat! It wasn’t simply a cooking class …it inspired us to want bring healthier foods into our diets. [Now] my son…has asked me for recipes to take back with him to college. And my youngest daughter, who would never eat beans before, has a new favorite food!”  

“Thinking more about eating more of the healthy food is making me eat less junk!” 

“I loved the combination of learning, eating and conviviality.” 

“Every single plate that Ina put before us was delicious and the company was even better than I anticipated.  While I never actually cooked one of the recipes, the experience and the recipes inspire  my creative repertoire. Even casual comments like “put an egg over leftover rice for breakfast” have brought a new satisfying start to the day.” 

“I feel more spontaneous. I think I’m approaching cooking in a more casual way, but also in a more thoughtful & informed way…the food was delicious!” 


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