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Its been over a year since I began my hiatus from running Meatless Monday dinner classes, which I offered for 6.5 years. I needed the break and during this past fallow year, Soup Lady surged. On a personal note however, I became more and more disheartened by current events, and above all else, our trajectory toward climate crises (yes, it’s more than just “global warming”).

Most recently a shift occurred in me, and my thoughts have coalesced into a clear focus.  I’m ready to offer another Meatless Monday series, this time with simpler dinners as our vehicle to come together, while we concentrate on Brainstorming Action.  Now is the time to up the ante in our daily living. How many ways can each of us act for the good of our Earth and for future generations? I’m clearer about mine, and I want to help inspire yours, because we’re all in this one lifeboat together.



The Plan

  •  7 Meatless Monday dinners:  Simple, healthy & delicious fare. Additionally, to benefit the planet, you’ll be guided and encouraged to include a simple vegetarian dinner into your diet-style once a week. (Did you know that embracing a Plant-Rich diet is #4 on the top 10 list of things we need to do to help lessen our impending climate crises?) The 7 meals offered can help you on the path.


  • Classes will have 2 parts: (1) Dinner: eat and learn how to make what you’re having, enjoy good conversation & get the recipe. (2)  Teatime, action-plans & education.


  • Using the NYT’s bestseller book Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed To Reverse Global Warming, part 2 will focus on what the top 10 solutions for our planet are, so we can be informed and better direct our leaders more effectively.


  • Personal action: Whenever applicable, we’ll explore the relevance of the top 10 solutions in our daily lives and what specific lifestyle changes we can commit to taking. We’ll share, learn from, and encourage each other along the way, as we bring new behaviors into our daily living.


  • Exciting guest speakers will join us. They’ll share their knowledge and further inspire us into action.


  • Additional articles, by luminaries and leaders in their field, will be given.

Why come? For…

• Education

• Inspiration

• Delicious Dinner 

• Community

• Conversation

• Curiosity

• Fun!

NOW is the time to change our lifestyles. We have so much work to do in the next 25 years, and we need all hands-on-deck for us to exist on this planet. I believe all positive actions matter and are necessary. We are in this together beyond what divides us. The Earth will do fine without us (it did for billions of years). WE are the ones that need HER.


Reserve your spot now!

WHEN: Mondays, 11/26, 12/3, 12/10, 12/17, 1/7, 1/21, 1/28

TIME: 7 – 9 pm

WHERE: My kitchen @ 63 Park Ave, Verona

COST: $280 all 7, if need be – $43 per class

MATERIAL COST: $15, I will purchase a Drawdown book for each participant

NEW PARTICIPANTS: Receive a Meatless Mondays Orientation Packet

NOTE: Don’t worry about bad weather, we’ll take the time we need to complete all 7 weeks. It may likely be a warm winter without snow, so I’ve read.



Pan fried umami tofu w/ garlic greens, short grain brown rice & roasted autumn squash

the Soup Lady says ” 1.2.3 SOUP!” (fast & delicious meal in a bowl), stuffed mushrooms

Potato & shallot fritatta, kale & fennel slaw, Marry Me cornbread

Unmeatloaf supreme (Vegetarian nut & cheese loaf), gravy, greens/veggies, a different roasted squash 🙂

Black Bean Tacos/heated wraps with the works: guacamole, corn, salsa, cast iron peppers, plantain, jack cheese, lettuce

The Whole Meal: the perfect baked yam, coconut broccoli & kale, roasted chickpeas, roasted hazel nuts, smoky umami eggplant, lemon-tahini dressing

Moroccan vegetable stew: red quinoa, toasted cashews, greens/ winter salad




I want to draw your attention to this documentary, which can be streamed or purchased. Whether you are joining in this class or cannot, this this worth your time to watch. I learned many new things, and the graphics are clear and effective.

Meatless Monday Participants: You’re invited to come over and we’ll watch this together before classes begin. This 2 hour documentary does an excellent job of cutting through the confusion around climate change. It’s the perfect prelude (which is better than the perfect storm ;). If you can’t come, I recommend watching it on your own.

Join me Sunday, November 11

3 – 5:30 PM


What People Say about Meatless Mondays

“Ina’s passion and knowledge are contagious.” 

“Meatless Monday classes are one of the nicest learning situations I’ve ever been in.” 

“Ina creates a cozy learning environment where sharing delicious meals is nurturing for the soul as well as the stomach. My friends are pleased I took Ina’s class. I have cooked ALL the Fall Session recipes, and I’m looking forward to the Winter Session.  So are my friends. 

“I took Ina’s Meatless Monday class this spring with two of my [adult] daughters. What a treat! It wasn’t simply a cooking class …it inspired us to want bring healthier foods into our diets. [Now] my son…has asked me for recipes to take back with him to college. And my youngest daughter, who would never eat beans before, has a new favorite food!”  

“Thinking more about eating more of the healthy food is making me eat less junk!” 

“I loved the combination of learning, eating and conviviality.” 

“Every single plate that Ina put before us was delicious and the company was even better than I anticipated.  While I never actually cooked one of the recipes, the experience and the recipes inspire  my creative repertoire. Even casual comments like “put an egg over leftover rice for breakfast” have brought a new satisfying start to the day.” 

“I feel more spontaneous. I think I’m approaching cooking in a more casual way, but also in a more thoughtful & informed way…the food was delicious!” 


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