Professional Path

Yoga Teacher

I began to practice Yoga when I was 24. After two years of daily committed practice, it changed my life. Inspiring others to listen “inward” was so important to me, that becoming a Yoga teacher set me on a compelling course that I followed for decades.


Massage Therapist

My decision to become a Massage Therapist resulted as a natural outgrowth of the reverence I developed for the human body, my growing passion about wellness, and my keen interest in the mind/body connection.


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Instructor (MSBR)

The more I learned about the negative effects of stress on our body, the more fascinated I became with the mind/body connection. By 1994 I discovered the work of Jon Kabot-Zinn and his Stress Reduction and Relaxation Clinic at The University of Massachusetts Medical Center. I subsequently became an instructor utilizing MSBR in hospital programs, corporate and community based settings.


Co-Author, The Diamond Diet / A Multifacted Path to Weight Loss, Health, and Wellness

Drawing upon 20 years of journeying on the path of health & wellness, I collaborated with my husband in co-authoring The Diamond Diet, a 5 year project published in 2001. In it, I offered a 7 week process to awaken our awareness of how to live a healthier and ecologically more thoughtful life. Read the professional endorsements!


Professional Certified Coach (PCC, iPEC Institute)

ipec_logo_100x95 In 2008, I became a Professional Certified Coach. Coaching integrates all parts of myself with my work in helping others change their lives.




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