Private Coaching Clients:

“There was a simple reason to go to Ina for coaching: change direction…lose weight. Instead of feeling trapped in a frustrated state, Ina debunked myths which I held on to that limited my ability to make progress. The process was magical. Thank you Ina, for showing me in simple terms – my own way.”  – Donna C.  NJ

“Working with Ina is a very positive experience. She has all the characteristics you’d want in a coach: supportive, insightful, experienced, really smart, very funny and human. She doesn’t miss a beat. She’s able to clear through the clutter of your mind and get to the core of issues.

Ina is also a great motivator – but not in a drill sergeant way. I am so impressed that she’s able to not just hear what you’ve said, but interpret to a level you might not expect – in other words she’s right on in her coaching. She is truly a pleasure to work with.” – JMS  Glenridge, NJ

“Ina is truly heaven sent. She has taught me to have an awareness and understanding of what seems to be obvious, but was not obvious prior to the coaching process. Her wisdom and brilliance along with her many other God-given talents are appreciated beyond words.”  – Gail N. Livingston, NJ


Mindful Eating Program:

“I know I ate less but I felt like I ate more because it was so satisfying.”  Diane/Mom, W.Orange, NJ

 “I don’t have a stomachache after I eat my Wheaties for breakfast because I am chewing my food and eating slower.” Julia/daughter, NJ

” Ina is devoted to enlightening others of the benefits and harms of the food choices we make everyday. I encourage you to delve deeper into the discovery process with someone as uniquely qualified in the field of nutrition and health as Ina Denburg. My experience with her is truly a blessing in my life. ” Donna Vogel, NJ

“Ina’s Mindful Eating process was very helpful to me. The sessions have helped me to think about my relationship with food (as well as my family’s) and that’s really what I have needed. We’re all busy and stressed, it’s important to know how to take a few moments to focus on real food and nourishment. And as always, Ina imparts her food wisdom and know-how in a very real and usable way – very valuable.” J.S., Montclair, NJ


Meatless Mondays Dinner/Classes:

“Ina’s passion and knowledge are contagious.”

“I took Ina’s Meatless Monday class this spring with two of my daughters. What a treat! This inspired us to want to make changes in our own kitchens to bring healthier foods into our diets — and this we have. My son has asked me for recipes to take back with him to college. And my youngest daughter, who would never eat beans before, has a new favorite food!”

“Just letting everyone get together at your house is a learning and growing experience that I feel very lucky to have been a part of…I have been telling everyone about it. It was an amazing experience with good food and good people that you can’t help but come away a better person for.”

“Thinking more about eating more of the healthy food is making me eat less junk!”

“I’m not so daunted by the prospect of having to make healthy meals every night. I’m using a lot more fresh herbs and vegetables…I like how you incorporated food, health and cooking all in one course.”

“I feel more spontaneous. I think I’m approaching cooking in a more casual way, but also in a more thoughtful & informed way…the food was delicious!”

” I loved the combination of learning, eating and conviviality.”


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