The perfect baked yam

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2 minutes to prepare, about 60 minutes to bake, 5 minutes to sit

This is it! For me, the perfect yam begins with long thin organic garnet or ruby yams. (This is NOT a summer food in NJ!) Scrub the skins gently. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Place yams on metal baking tin. Halfway through, turn the yams over. When they are evenly soft, (about an hour), take out and place on cutting board.

DO NOT OPEN THEM. DO NOT POKE HOLES OR ANYTHING IN THEM!  They will continue to steam inside. It’s crazy how sweet these become, and the inside of the skins naturally caramelize. When you slice them open, they will be the most magnificent orange color, and practically peel away from their shell. You can eat the skins too – they’re good for you!


I often make winter squashes this way….only difference is that I take the butternut, spaghetti, acorn or hubbard  squash (washed & whole)and place it into a pyrex baking dish w/ 1-2” of H2O. That’s it…turn the squashes- especially the butternut every 20 minutes – and take out when soft to the touch. Don’t open right away & they’ll continue to sweeten as they steam.


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