Three sisters salad











Beans, squash and corn are a staple crop for traditional Iroquois villages. These 3 foods not only grow well together, but the beans climb the natural trellis provided by the cornstalks, and the squash plants spread out below preventing weeds and keeping moisture in the soil. These three crops became known as the three sisters.

This beautiful summer dish was inspired by the one I had at the Mitsitam Café. It is so easy to make, and can be a great meal or side dish for other foods. This is one of those relaxed recipes where you can make as much or as little as you desire.

Please don’t be put off by the directions. It may read like a lot to do (because I’m describing everything), but it’s really quick and easy: grill vegetables, cut them up, & mix everything together!
Serves 4-6

• 2 zucchinis
• 2 yellow squash and/or patty pan
• 3 ears of corn
• 1 long green pepper (optional)
• 1 jalapeno or less (optional)
• 1-2 TBS sunflower or organic canola oil ( for high heat)
• Juice of ½ lime or so
• S & P to taste

• 2 -3 ripe summer tomatoes
• 2 cups cooked kidney, pinto, black, cranberry (Barlotti), OR pink beans
• 1/3 – ½ cup fresh basil leaves, torn
• 2 TBS fresh parsley, minced
• Fresh herbs to taste: marjoram, oregano, thyme – optional

Slice zucchinis and yellow squashes in half lengthwise. Slice patty pans into 3 or 4 ½”thick slices.
Whisk together lime juice and oil in bowl. Add squashes to bowl and coat vegetables. Sprinkle with S & P.
Husk the corn and brush with lime juice and oil, S & P. Coat peppers very lightly with oil and lime juice. Place all vegetables on hot grill (peppers can be on a top rack.)

Grill squashes and corn for about 4 minutes per side, (keeping the grill covered). Baste the grilled sides with a drop of marinade once you flip them over. (You can even add a drop of water to the marinade bowl rather than more oil!) Don’t overcook! The pepper skins will start to bubble and char. Place cooked squashes in bowl and set aside. Let corns cool, and set peppers on a cutting board to cool, and collapse (they are steaming inside).

In large bowl, combine tomatoes, beans and herbs.

When corn is cool enough to handle, with large knife, cut the corn kernals from the cob. Save 1 corn cob to cut into 1” rounds. Add corn to tomatoes and beans.

Cut the marinated squashes into smaller bite sized pieces and add to vegetables. If using jalapeno, cut open and carefully remove seeds, and then dice. Wash hands well. Remove inside of green pepper and chop.

Add all fresh herbs to the bowl. Adjust with salt, pepper and lime. You can eat this hot, warm, room temp or cold. Enjoy!

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