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Food & Wellness Coaching

Tailored to your individual needs: Upgrading your food choices and meal planning (including non-GMO & gluten-free), how to eat healthy if you’re too busy to cook, cooking lessons, lifestyle assessment, weight issues, mindful eating, and all else on the continuum of self-care and wellness.


Meatless Mondays

Meatless Monday is a national movement that encourages people to eat vegetarian on Mondays to improve their health and the health of our planet. I run dinner/classes which are a fun and social way to be exposed to vegetarian options you can add to your diet-style.

In four weeks time, you’ll eat a range of seasonal tasty dishes that are often vegan, wheat free, and GMO-free. Enjoy a great dinner, try new foods, learn how to make them, and go home with the recipes in hand. New participants receive a Meatless Mondays information packet. All meals are made with local produce & CSA /Starbrite Farms organic vegetables as much as possible. Ample seasonal greens and weekly offerings will complement basic menu suggestions.

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GMOcery – Purchase to Plate

Ina Denburg explains how GMOs have infiltrated most non-organic foods at grocery stores and our mainstream food culture. Learn how to identify their presence in your foods, how to protect yourself and your family with wiser choices, and why this type of agriculture is so harmful to human beings and the environment. Contact Ina@continuumLiving.US to book this talk for your organization or school.


Someone’s In the Kitchen with Ina (Cooking Classes)

Saturday workshops offering some of my favorite recipes and concept foods (black beans – 10 ways!) in my hands-on friendly Verona kitchen. Suitable for both teenagers and adults interested in healthy vegetarian cooking.

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Kitchen Talks

My 30 years of experience with REAL foods cooking, streamlined into 3 talks to inform, inspire, and equip you, regardless of diet-style and who you’re cooking for. Available by appointment for individual or group class.

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Mindful Eating

We often don’t think about why we eat what, when and how we do. Consequently we may pack on unwanted pounds, suffer from indigestion, or just be mindlessly absent from eating, robbing ourselves from full enjoyment of our food. Mindful eating brings our mind, body and food together with loving awareness. Offered 2 ways:


The Mindful Raisin: “Raisin your awareness one bite at a time.”

This amusing exercise offers opportunity for natural, healthy change regarding our relationship to food, eating, and our lifestyle. Regardless of age, weight, and eating-style, this exercise brings a new awareness, that if practiced, will serve you for a lifetime! Available individually or for groups of: adults, teens, mother/daughter – families, schools, classrooms, and the workplaces.


Mindful Eating – 5 Week Program

You are your own laboratory in this guided, non-judgmental, loving and insightful program. Together we’ll take a closer look at why, what, when and how you eat. Via different weekly food meditations and journaling you’ll learn to identify your 7 internal hungers and discover how you relate to the 6 motivations for eating- an eye opening surprise. This program is available individually, for small groups or pairs of adults, teens, and family members.

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