the Soup Lady

Brief History 

In January of 2014, I began a homemade soup service for friends. It was a direct outgrowth of the Meatless Monday dinner/classes I’ve offered (for 7 years now), and the frequent requests for purchase of my soups. I’ve always adored making soup and believe in its power to engender love, by providing comfort alongside of healthy sustenance.

General Info

I make many different seasonal soups! I also offer seasonal stews & several seasonal vegetarian/vegan burgers  a few times a month, for $14 – $19, and in warmer weather, offer foods from “The Fridge” – fresh salad entrees & grain dishes.

I offer 2 soups a week, generally for $11 – $12 a quart.  All foods are made from the same high quality ingredients I use for myself.  As often as possible they contain organic,  local and seasonal vegetables: Farmer John Ostering – Morgan’s Farm/Cedar Grove, Farmer John Kruegar – Starbrite Farms/NJ, Hawthorne Valley Farms/ NY, other locally sourced produce & eggs –  (~70% of my vegetables/ingredients are organically grown, always the Dirty Dozen) and freshly prepared legumes, not canned. Most of my soups are vegan/gluten free, the rest, other than the organic chicken soups, are vegetarian. (Occasionally I make stews with organically raised meats.) The soups will cycle around a few times seasonally through my “43 week year”.


Every Friday morning you will receive the upcoming weeks’ soup/food offerings with all the ingredients. Then you will have until midnight Sunday evening to place your order. Soups will be made and frozen, and on Thursday be ready for pick or delivery. Logistic information will be provided when you order. Exact cash, personal check, or VENMO app is accepted. Special arrangements may be made for pickup times or day, if needed, upon request.

Delivery is available

• Up to 10 minutes from my home, $1 extra per quart

• Price to be determined over 10 minutes. Please inquire.

Some of the soups & foods I made last year: 

  •  Roasted summer corn chowder/V
  •  Cold summer borscht/V
  •  Yogurt & cucumber w/almonds & cilantro
  •  Yellow summer squash w/ coconut milk & curry spices/V
  •  Lentil & butternut squash w/ spinach/V
  •  Brazilian black bean (with yam & orange)/V
  •  Curried butternut squash & roasted parsnip/V
  •  Basque pumpkin/V
  •  Spicy  coconut, sweet potato & collards/V
  •  Mama Bear’s organic chicken vegetable
  •  Wild mushroom & spinach soup/V
  •  Chili NON carne w/pumpkin/V
  •  Red lentil. coconut. orange w/ spinach/V
  •  Mulligatawny with Organic chicken
  •  Irish Spring pea & coriander/Vegetarian
  •  Moroccan Stew/V
  •  French lentil salad w/ roasted peppers, feta & mint/ Vegetarian
  • Organic turkey & zucchini burgers w/ green onion & cumin
  • Chickpea burgers/V
  • Cauliflower/millet croquettes/Vegetarian
  • Roots & chutes burgers/V



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