Whey-ing the pros and cons: it’s Greek to me

Everything is interconnected, and all actions have consequences. Whether they are intended or not, some consequences are better than others. My recent discovery that NY’s Greek yogurt production is getting whey out of hand is exemplary. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Two weeks ago I began my summer session of Meatless Monday dinner/classes, and […]

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When you hear the word squash, do you say: “Yuck!” “Yum!” or “What do I do with it?” As a seasonal cook, and lover of vegetables, I’d be remiss if I wasn’t honest about my enthusiasm regarding fall foods, and in particular, squashes. Of all the produce that is grown in autumn, nothing says the […]

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When Ratatouille speaks…I listen

Wisdom garnered from the tradition of slow cooking.     There is wisdom in this traditional method. It isn’t rocket science to understand, but like all truths, it is profound once you “get it”. This slow method of making Ratatouille is intimate and deeply loving. Why? Because it requires time, presence, and patience. Via this […]

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The Healthier “Happy Meal” (sans GMOs)

Ina with spoon soup-300x168

Three weeks ago I began a class out of my kitchen, called “Meatless Mondays in Ina’s Kitchen.”  Meatless Mondays is a concept I wrote about last June, in Oasis in Aisle 6 – the Life-saving Legumes. From Aspen, CO, a savvy vision of some 20 institutions and restaurants joined a nationwide pro-veggie effort by taking the […]

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Mid March Meatless Monday – recipes & more

I’ve been cooking and they’ve been eating! Week 1 Menu Vegetable juice cocktail – Organic: Carrot, celery, dandelion greens, beet, granny smith apple Black beans over Mexican style rice (basmati rice with tumeric, vegetable broth powder, tab of butter and fresh parsley) Sliced avocado Cast iron sauteed asparagus Salad Our main topic was the “30 […]

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