Wisdom to Eat and Live By

When it comes to helpful strategies regarding healthier eating and living, I cannot think of a more useful and globally applicable guideline than to offer Upgrade along the Continuum. This principle reveals a common sense philosophy that is both mobilizing and gracious, and let’s face it, we need these qualities in a guiding principle if we’re going […]

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It’s Spring! What Season is YOUR Food?

Do you know what seasons your foods are from? It is 70 and balmy here today in the Garden State. I am itchy to get outside, take a walk, and make something really healthy for dinner. Weather like this inspires me to begin spring cleaning… and this year it’s beginning… with me! It’s been a […]

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Mindful Eating

Food is a funny thing. This is because the partaking of it functions on so many levels simultaneously – physical, social, emotional, cultural, intellectual, economic and political – consequently it gets messy sometimes. Ever think about why you eat what, when and how you do? What I’m about to discuss is a no brainer, yet, […]

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